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The Ameriana Story

The Ameriana Story - 124 years old, and growing.

Ameriana Bank is a community bank that started out in the town of New Castle, Indiana in 1890. Back then, as a building and loan, our main mission was to provide home loans to the residents and companies of East Central Indiana - because, quite frankly, that's what a community bank does.

Since that time, just like the towns and businesses we've worked with, Ameriana has grown and while we now offer a full range of banking products, we're still, at heart, a community bank. Our name, Ameriana, is a constant reminder to all of us to strive to combine the ideals that make "America" great, while remaining grounded in the Midwestern values that make "Indiana" special.

And as a community bank we have always believed that helping the people and businesses in the towns where we're located is the best investment we can make. It's a business philosophy that has not only served us well, but also the customers who do business with us. And now, more than ever, investing locally and banking prudently has proven to be the right kind of business model for a bank to have.

Recently, Ameriana has taken significant steps to build upon those core beliefs and engage our customers in more genuine and innovative ways. Our associates are excited about the opportunity to bring our core values, as well as their talents and strengths, into delivering highly personal customer service.

At Ameriana, our promise is to:

  • Make you feel right at home. Because in the end, we feel our neighbors and the community are really the best investments we can put on our books.
  • Help you achieve financial milestones. From buying a new car and nice home, to starting a business and contributing to charitable causes dear to your heart.
  • Guide you along the journey to a stronger financial life. You don't have to be a financial whiz. We're here to help you learn the basics of good money management, and then we'll help you build on those basics.
  • Make you feel more confident, capable and motivated to act on your current money challenges.
  • Celebrate life beyond the dollar signs. Our banking centers are a gathering place in our community. Where you'll tap resources and learn about trends, current events and new thinking.
  • Be unified with our neighbors, share their hopes and live up to their dreams. Here, with Ameriana, everyone can grow, prosper and celebrate life in Indiana.

At Ameriana, the future of true community banking is alive and growing every day. And if you'd like to have us put our 124 years of experience to work for you, we think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the fresh ideas and innovative products that a community bank like ours can provide.




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