The Ameriana Story

The Ameriana Story

More than a century ago, Ameriana opened its doors. Ameriana Bank started out in the town of New Castle, Indiana in 1890. Back then, as a building and loan, our main mission was to provide home loans to the residents and companies of East Central Indiana. Since that time, we've grown considerably. Today, Ameriana offices are located throughout Central Indiana, and each one of them is fully committed to being a true community bank.

"Communities," after all, are what we're all about. More specifically, we're about Indiana communities-places where families work together to make their part of the world a beautiful place to live, work, and play. Our name serves as a constant reminder of this commitment. We hold fast to the ideals that make America great, while remaining firmly grounded in the values that make Indiana special. America + Indiana = Ameriana.

We have always believed that helping the people and businesses in the towns where we're located is the best investment we can make. It's a business philosophy that has benefited us as much as those we serve.

Every day, Ameriana is taking significant steps to build upon our core beliefs and engage our customers in more genuine and innovative ways. Our associates are excited about the opportunity to bring their talents and strengths to bear in delivering top-notch customer service to you.

At Ameriana, our promise is to:

  • Make you feel right at home. Because in the end, we feel our neighbors and the community are the best investments we can put on our books.
  • Help you achieve financial milestones. From buying a new home or car to starting a business and contributing to causes dear to your heart.
  • Guide you to a stronger financial life. We'll give you the basics of good money management, and then we'll help you build on those basics.
  • Make you feel more confident. Not only confident, but also motivated to act on your current money challenges.
  • Celebrate life beyond the dollar signs. Our banking centers are community gathering places where you can learn about trends, current events, and new thinking.
  • Be unified with our neighbors. We want to share your hopes and celebrate your successes. When we work together, everyone can grow, prosper, and enjoy life in Indiana.

At Ameriana, the future of true community banking is alive and growing. If you'd like to have us put our more than 120 years of experience to work for you, we think you'll be pleasantly surprised at what a community bank like ours can provide. To learn more: