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Business Tools and Tips

Business Tips

Building your small business

When you're a small business owner, there are only so many hours in the day. It's easy to miss the little things that can make a big difference in your success.

Squeeze the most out of every dollar by:

  • Earning interest. Use a separate savings account for withholding taxes. By setting tax payments aside, you can earn interest on those dollars until you need them.
  • Boosting collections. Call your customer the day before their bill is due to make sure they received the invoice; offer to fax it right away if they need another copy.
  • Being prepared. Clean up your credit and your financial records, then establish a line of credit with Ameriana so you have money available when you need it.

Get the most out of every hour by:

  • Separating your funds. Keep your payroll and operational funds separate so your account can easily prepare year-end reports, saving time and confusion.
  • Buying accounting software. Year-end reporting will also be easier if you invest in affordable accounting software to track receipts and expenditures and produce financial reports for your small business.
  • Using remote capture. Your funds are available faster, you'll earn short-term interest and there's no need to go to the bank.

Make the best of every contact by:

  • Being community-minded. Get or stay active in community affairs and volunteer efforts to learn about your customers (and your competitors), build buzz about your business and keep your eyes open for new ways to contribute. When people know you, they'll want to learn more about your products or services, too.
  • Embracing the Web. No matter what your business, there's a good chance your customers will turn to the Internet to research their purchase. Make sure they find good quality information about you there, too.

Contact us for more on how Ameriana can help your small business grow.

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