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Checking & Savings Tools & Tips

Checking & Savings Tips

Checking Tips

Checking accounts have so many more features now that can make your life easier.

Here are some ways to make the most of your Ameriana checking account:

  • Go online. Sign up for Ameriana's online banking options with mobile and e-mail account alerts so there's no waiting for your monthly statement to know exactly what you have. Set up direct deposit and pay your bills automatically online, too; the Internet makes life so much simpler.
  • Use your phone.  Download Ameriana's Mobile Banking app for account access anytime you have your cell phone.
  • Make your money work. Ask Ameriana about an interest-bearing checking account and keep as much of your money in that account as possible to see the benefits.
  • Monitor fees. Keep more of your money by knowing how your bank accounts work. Some require a minimum balance or direct deposit to avoid charges. Ask Ameriana about our checking accounts that waive ATM fees, too.
  • Avoid NSF charges. Record all of your transactions in your check register - especially when using your debit card - so you don't miss anything and run short of funds. Monitoring your statements and balancing your checkbook each month makes a difference, too.
  • Play it safe. Ask us about overdraft protection for your accounts.
  • Protect your account. Call us immediately at 1-800-487-2118 if you suspect that there has been suspicious or fraudulent activity on your account. We'll work with you to resolve any issues right away.

Contact us or complete an Ameriana Switch Kit to set up your Ameriana checking account today.

Savings Tips

Every penny counts, especially in today's economy. See for yourself what a big difference small savings can make. Here are some things you can do to make the most of every cent:

Loans and Credit

  • Request a rate reduction from your credit card company
  • Make one extra mortgage payment per year to get ahead and cut interest costs
  • Pay off your credit balances every month, especially if you pay for consumables with credit.  Otherwise you could wind up paying a year's worth of interest on those cheese fries you had last weekend.
  • Some credit cards offer extended warranties on purchases - find out if yours does.


  • Stick to your shopping list; and never go to the grocery store hungry!
  • Buy meat in bulk and repackage it yourself into smaller units that you can freeze.
  • Avoid buying already prepared food.  Ounce for ounce, it’s far more expensive.
  • Heads up when you’re checking out!  Scanning errors add up to $2.5 billion per year at stores. 
  • Never pay full price for clothing.  Sales come along so often, you won’t need to.
  • Avoid recreational shopping.  If you’re bored, go to a movie instead.
  • Shop at outlets and secondhand stores and garage sales. Cleaning out your closets and having your own sale could raise a little cash, too.
  • Don’t let yourself be tempted!  Leave the credit cards at home and take only cash with you when you shop.
  • Sleep on it.  This really works:  When you see something you can’t live without, remind yourself that it won’t disappear from the store overnight.  Go home, relax, and see if you still can’t live without it come morning.

At home

  • Get discounted service by combining your cable, Internet and phone services.  Or cancel your land line and just use a mobile phone. 
  • Save energy by closing vents in unused rooms, properly insulating and replacing appliances with energy-efficient units.  Checking and replacing air filters often, unplugging idle electronic devices and installing a programmable thermostat can also make a big difference. 
  • Go green (and lean) by turning off the water while brushing your teeth, replacing incandescent bulbs with incandescent bulbs with fluorescents and repairing items instead of buying new. 
  • A home energy audit can save you hundreds of dollars a year on heating and air conditioning.  And, your local gas or electric utility may audit your home at low or no cost - call them to find out. 
  • Take advantage of Midwestern summers by growing your own vegetables and using a clothesline instead of your clothes dryer. 


  • Borrow movies, music and books from your local library. 
  • Limit gift giving with family and friends.  Draw names instead. 
  • Invite friends over for pitch-ins instead of going out to dinner. 
  • Cancel your unused memberships and subscriptions to free up cash. 
  • Consider a stay-caction and experience everything Central Indiana has to offer without the hassle and expense of travel.

Auto Expenses

  • Stop thinking in terms of monthly payments when you shop for a car.  Instead, ask the salesman what you'll be paying in interest, on top of the sticker price.  Remember, autos depreciate.  Those leather seats aren't worth much after 80,000 miles. 
  • Pump me up!  Keep your tires properly inflated and your engine tuned can save you $100 a year on gas. 
  • Wash and vacuum your car at home. 
  • If you're handy, change your own motor oil and dispose of it properly. 
  • Drive fewer miles  by planning your route and combining trips.  And stick to the speed limit.
  • Outfit your bicycle with a basket and lock, and use it for errands in your neighborhood. 

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