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Frequently Asked Questions

Following are answers to your questions about Ameriana's Debit Card Overdraft Service.

Q.  If I have an Ameriana's standard overdraft protection linked to my checking account, do I still need to opt-in to this service?

A.  Yes.  Under federal regulation, Ameriana's standard overdraft protection will continue to pay for transactions that cause your account to become overdrawn, except for ATM and everyday debit card transactions.  We must have your permission to "opt-in" before we can consider authorizing and paying overdrafts on ATM and everyday debit card transactions.  All other transactions (checks and other transactions made using your checking account number or automatic bill payments made using your checking account or debit card number) will continue to be processed as they are today.

Q.  If I decide not to opt-in for the service can I change my mind later?

A.  Yes.  You will simply need to complete an Opt-In form or contact Customer Care at 800-487-2118.  However, if you are trying to make a purchase or withdraw money from an ATM machine and decide to opt-in, it will take one business day to process your request.

Q.  What about automatic debit card payments and checks?

A.  Checks and debit card purchases that are set up to be paid automatically (like a monthly gym membership) may continue to be authorized at our discretion even if you don't "opt-in."  The regulations only impact ATM and everyday debit card transactions.

Q.  If I don't complete an Opt-In form or contact Customer Care, will I automatically be enrolled in Ameriana Debit Card Overdraft Service?

A.  No.  If we do not receive a response from you, you will not be covered by Ameriana Debit Card Overdraft Service.  This means that your ATM and everyday debit card transactions requested against insufficient available funds will not be authorized.

Q.  I have more than one Ameriana checking account.  If I opt-in for one account, will all of my accounts be covered?

A.  No.  You must complete an Opt-In form or speak with a Customer Care Representative for each of your Ameriana checking accounts.

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