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Debit Card Overdraft Service

By Federal Regulation, Ameriana can no longer automatically provide overdraft services.  So, if you overdraw your account at an ATM machine or when making a purchase with your debit card, your purchase or withdrawal will be denied.  If you want us to provide this service, we need your permission.

What is Debit Card Overdraft Service?

With Ameriana Debit Card Overdraft Service, we may approve everyday debit card transactions for you1, even when the transaction will cause an overdraft.  An overdraft occurs when you don't have enough money in your account to cover a transaction, but Ameriana pays it anyway.  This may include times when funds from your deposit aren't available yet, or when you cannot make a deposit until later the same business day.

How does it help?

When you don't have enough money in your account to make a withdrawal at an ATM machine or to make a purchase using your debit card, choosing to opt-in to Ameriana's Debit Card Overdraft Service may allow these transactions to be authorized at our discretion.  This can prevent the inconvenience of not being able to make a purchase or the embarrassment of having your debit card declined.

How much does Debit Card Overdraft Service cost?

There is no fee to opt-in to Ameriana Debit Card Overdraft Service.  However, under our standard overdraft practices, we will charge you a $35 fee each time we pay an overdraft that overdraws your account $5.00 or more.

How do I opt-in to make sure my overdrafts are covered?

If you would like Ameriana to authorize and pay overdrafts on ATM and everyday debit card transactions, please speak to an Ameriana associate or call Customer Care at 800-487-2118.  If you don't sign up for this service, your everyday debit card transactions will be denied if you don't have sufficient funds in your account to cover a purchase.

To learn more about Debit Card Overdraft Service, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

1We will charge an insufficient funds/overdraft fee of $33 each time we pay an overdraft.  We do not charge overdraft fees for transactions that overdraw your account less than $5.00.  Ameriana pays overdrafts at our discretion, which means we do not guarantee that we will authorize and pay any type of transaction.  If we do not authorize and pay an overdraft, your transaction will be declined.

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