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Ameriana FYI:  Wireless Router Security

Wireless routers make connecting to the internet easy, but they also create a security risk for your home network.  To make it safer, you should:

  • Turn off your wireless router when it's not being used.
    This ensures that no one can use your internet connection when you're not around.
  • Use WPA or WPA2 security.
    Use WPA (or even better, WPA2 if it's supported) on your wireless link to ensure that no one can access your internet connection or snoop into your wireless communication.
  • Restrict access.
    • Change the administrator's password.
      Once you change the password, no one can change your wireless router settings.
    • Disable remote administration.
      This ensures that no one can change the settings on your router through the internet. 
    • Disable administration from wireless.
      If your router supports it, this will require you to be connected to the router with a network cable in order to change the settings.
  • Turn on logging.
    If available, logging will record any activity on your router, which would be useful information if someone does gain access.
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